Improved accuracy,
greater efficiency

Our mobile and web platform allows for collaboration with retailers and brands, improved operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

Mobile Application
Replace inefficient paper-based processes with our mobile application.  Inspectors can seamlessly follow along step-by-step and instantaneously submit Inspection Reports and Corrective Action.

Performance Dashboard
Organized, accurate data and information to monitor suppliers performance and increasing transparency across the supply chain.

Custom Workflows
No need to change existing inspection processes and procedures. The system is fully customizable to meet the needs of any size retailer or brand.

Defect Prediction
Not only does Inspectorio help make data driven decisions, the defect prediction algorithm helps identify problems before they happen.

Factory Defect Score
Utilize results from your inspections, as well as those from the entire ecosystem to make more informed decisions

Digitally track, monitor and improve both social and environmental compliance at manufacturing locations.

How it works

Our mobile app uses location and other inputs to trigger content and alerts at the right time and place. The data generated is translated into powerful reports and analytics that help you optimize your service.