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Industry Expertise At Your Fingertips

The Inspectorio Academy is your top resource for learning how our technology solves your problems, and what best practices will help you succeed.

Designed Learning Paths

Every user has different needs. The Inspectorio Academy has learning paths designed to get you from where you are, to where you need to go.
Knowledge Retention
Designed by adult learning experts, our courses are built using best practices that focus on learning and retention of information so courses have a lasting impact on users.
Putting Skills To Practice
Our courses focus on the application of knowledge in our technology, facilitating the transition from classroom to real-world use cases so users get onboarded with our platform fast.
User Accountability
The Academy gives you insight into who has taken your courses, so you can hold users accountable and ensure all the training has been completed.

Knowledge Is Power

Master the Inspectorio Platform with our online courses, ensuring your users are getting the most value out of our technology.
Streamline the Onboarding Process
Give users a timeline and watch as they self-guide themselves through the onboarding, learning our technology fast and accelerating time to value.
Improve User Adoption
Not knowing how to use a technology is the top reason for poor user adoption. Train users to understand how the Inspectorio Platform works for them, increasing their adoption and productivity within the system.
Improve Productivity & Results
The Inspectorio Platform is a powerful productivity and performance tool. Train users to leverage our technology to its full potential, improving your overall productivity and production chain results.

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