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Inspectorio Launches Supply Chain Management Platform Powered by AI

February 21, 2024

Centralized Inspectorio Supply Chain Platform Uses AI to Optimize Performance, Reduce Risk, and Cut Costs for Brands, Retailers and Suppliers

MINNEAPOLIS – February 21, 2024 – Inspectorio, creators of the leading AI-powered platform for quality, responsible sourcing, traceability, and production management for the supply chain, today announced the release of the Inspectorio Supply Chain Management Platform. This end-to-end supply chain solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a holistic view of supply chain operations, risks, and opportunities for optimization.

The Inspectorio Supply Chain Management Platform bundles the company’s six previous standalone solutions – Inspectorio Sight for quality management, Inspectorio Rise for sustainability and compliance, Inspectorio Tracking for production management, Inspectorio Traceability for supply chain mapping and chain of custody, Inspectorio LabSync for lab test management, and Inspectorio Docuflow for digital document management – to provide a single, integrated solution for supply chain optimization.

The new Inspectorio Platform connects supply chain processes to deliver visibility and control across the production chain, making quality control, responsible sourcing, sustainability, traceability, and production management easier. The Inspectorio Platform digitizes the supply chain workflow, and the analysis of all available data to identify and mitigate risk proactively. The Inspectorio Platform also applies AI for operational intelligence, including:

  • An AI analytics assistant which gathers and guides the user through all the data, providing detailed analytics in everyday language for deeper insights.
  • Predictive AI, which looks at all the data connected to the supplier platform, including quality performance, sustainability audits, and delivery milestones, to identify risk areas and predict outcomes.
  • Prescriptive AI, which offers corrective and preventive action (CAPA) recommendations by analyzing supplier performance and proactively recommending best practices to improve operations, reduce errors, and streamline production.

“Traditionally, supply chain participants are siloed, which makes it difficult to see what’s really happening and leads to duplicated efforts, inaccurate reporting, and inefficient supply chain processes,” said Carlos Moncayo, co-founder and CEO of Inspectorio. “With the Inspectorio Supply Chain Management Platform, we deliver instant access to insights about supply chain performance, using AI to evaluate multiple factors simultaneously. Because we operate directly within the supply chain as well, this end-to-end visibility, coupled with artificial intelligence, unlocks new potential for optimization, cost savings, quality improvement, and risk mitigation.”

Inspectorio has the largest supply-chain network, with over 12,000 suppliers connected and collaborating within the system. The Inspectorio Platform applies AI across connected data types to evaluate the end-to-end processes from sourcing to final inspections and on-time delivery. For retail brands, the Inspectorio Platform streamlines processes and promotes a more engaged relationship with suppliers for better quality and faster delivery. For suppliers, the Platform empowers them to take control of sustainability and quality through self-assessments and meet retailer requirements in a more cost-efficient way.

The Inspectorio Platform encompasses:

  • Quality Risk Management – Helps brands, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers standardize their quality operations to improve product quality and supplier performance.
  • Responsible Sourcing and Compliance – Enables brands to assess their supplier ecosystem for risks and measure sustainability performance against goals and compliance requirements.
  • Traceability and Transparency – Maps the product chain of custody, providing documentation of goods shipped globally to the system of record while enabling global market access.
  • Production Management – Provides real-time status visibility from the factory floor to support pre-production strategy, production tracking, and issue alerts.

According to Inspectorio executives, the platform was designed specifically to meet the supply chain needs of customers in apparel, footwear, food and beverage, home and furniture, sporting goods, and related retail categories.

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About Inspectorio

Inspectorio is the leading AI-powered supply chain platform. The Inspectorio platform optimizes performance, builds resilience, and provides intelligence across production chains for global brands, retailers, and their multi-tier suppliers. Our innovative platform seamlessly connects and digitizes supply chain processes to optimize decision-making while providing real-time visibility and control over production chain operations. Today, Inspectorio is used by over 12,000 customers, including some of the largest brands and retailers in the world. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Inspectorio has over 200 employees across the United States, Ecuador, China, Vietnam, and Belarus. For more information, visit

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