Traceability Checklist: Building a Traceability Program for UFLPA Compliance

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With US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detaining an increasing number of goods due to suspected links to forced labor, apparel and footwear companies need to make sure they follow the UFLPA guidelines.

But how can you do this when dealing with a complex supply chain full of unknowns?
How do you track and monitor your factories, suppliers, and subcontractors — both down the tier and across geographies?

Download our traceability checklist for a breakdown of the UFLPA requirements and what you need to do to create an effective traceability program.

A Handy Tool for Apparel & Footwear Companies

The traceability checklist is a practical tool for apparel and footwear companies looking to meet their requirements under the UFLPA, from documenting due diligence processes and demonstrating chain of custody all the way through to evaluating supplier performance.

Download the checklist to:

  • Map out all the necessary steps to build a traceability protect and protect your brand.
  • Learn what evidence to collect and how to analyze it.
  • Find out what data points you need to track for UFLPA compliance.
  • Know which type of traceability software is best for your organization.

Tick all the boxes and get your traceability program up and running today!

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