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How Digitalization Improved Liberty Mills’ Quality Operations in 6 Weeks

The case studies mentioned herein were conducted using our earlier individual solutions: Inspectorio Sight (now Quality Risk Management), Inspectorio Rise (now Responsible Sourcing & Compliance), and Inspectorio Tracking (now Production Management). Inspectorio transitioned to a unified platform approach, enhancing and interconnecting these solutions under the Inspectorio Platform to better serve our customers. Click here to learn more about the Inspectorio Platform.

Liberty Mills is a leading and renowned textile manufacturing organization in Pakistan. Founded in 1964, they are now one of the top exporters in their country.

Liberty Mills specializes in the processing of woven and knit fabric, and has expertise in producing a large number of home textile products such as comforter sets, sheet sets, quilt sets, baby blankets, pillow pair cases, among others.

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While enhancing its capabilities and quality, Liberty Mills is heading towards Industry 4.0 as an organizational goal. To achieve this goal, the company is transforming its quality operations with Inspectorio.

Khizer Jaffri, who serves as Liberty Mills’ Deputy General Manager, took a moment to answer some questions on how Inspectorio is changing his company’s quality and compliance operations.

Q: How did you discover Inspectorio?

We were introduced to Inspectorio by Target. I showed my manager how the platform could be beneficial to us, and we officially started using Inspectorio for our internal quality in July 2021.

Q: When you started using Inspectorio for your internal quality, what problem were you trying to solve? 

The immediate problem we faced was data management. Up until this year, all of our data was on paper. We had to build our own program for it, which was complicated — we performed all inspections manually and entered data into excel files. This was a lengthy, inefficient process.

And when everything is hand-written, there is also a high risk of it getting changed.

“There were problems with both reports and data being unreliable. Inspectorio gives us data that cannot be altered. That means in terms of accountability, we are far stronger.”

Q: How has Inspectorio helped solve this problem?

Inspectorio gives me the leverage to monitor all the live data and performance of my inspectors: what step of the inspection they’re on, how much time they’re taking, and what sort of trends they’re following or deviating from. I can actually watch them performing these inspections in real-time. Inspectorio gave us the ability to monitor inspectors, to have all information live and without any delay, and to minimize the effort needed to get the correct data.

“In terms of time saved, Inspectorio has increased our efficiency. And right now, I have better visibility with my clients and a more transparent system to share information with them.”

They also have better visibility into what’s going on internally for us. We are creating far better visibility and transparency for them.

Q: What do you find useful about Inspectorio?

One of my favorite features is the dashboard and all the information it delivers. My other favorite feature is inspector monitoring. Which inspection is the inspector on, what are they doing, for what duration — I need to have all the data on these questions to be able to standardize everything. That way I can create benchmarks and time limits to ensure the highest output from my team. This has created better efficiency for the organization.

Q: Could you tell me a little bit more about who the main users of Inspectorio are, and how it has changed their roles?

The main users of Inspectorio are our inspectors and managers.

Inspectorio has made the job of inspectors far easier by reducing the time needed while increasing their ability to focus on what they’re doing. Secondly, account managers need to have all the data in front of them in complete form.

“We have seen a huge impact in receiving analytics on-time and without any hassle — and because the platform automates analytics, no one needs to carry out the data retrieval process. No more excel sheets.”

It has made my work easier, faster, and more efficient. The same goes with other managers. They can now access data anytime, from anywhere in the world, without any hassle.

Q: How important is mobile accessibility to you?

The platform’s mobile accessibility has affected the ecosystem rapidly and positively. We had been using paper for inspections, and we are now using zero paper. Mobile activity has made it easier for inspectors to conduct inspections at any site around the world, even in remote areas where there is connectivity. That has made many things easier for us.

Q: If someone were considering Inspectorio, what would you suggest they do?

I would definitely recommend it — I actually already have.

“Inspectorio is one of the best quality platforms to monitor, analyze, and evaluate quality data, which helped us reduce internal inspection failures by 3% and lead time by 28% during the last month.”

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