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Scaling Quality Without Compromise: How Inspectorio Helped Brandart Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Brandart is the leading innovation & sourcing hub that supports Brands across multiple industries in achieving better communication and customer experience through sustainable packaging, merchandising products, display and in-store fitting services. With the goal of improving its workflows, Brandart sought a digital solution to streamline operations, resulting in a promising collaboration with Inspectorio.

About the Company

Brandart has established itself as a trailblazer in the packaging and visual merchandising industry, championing innovative, sustainable, and ethical business solutions since 2000. With operations spanning Italy, New York, Paris, Milan, and a Far East hub in Guangzhou, China, Brandart delivers customized management of packaging and visual merchandising needs across diverse regions. From meticulous research and development to seamless logistics and distribution, Brandart is committed to delivering end-to-end services with utmost care for people and planet.


Prior to implementing Inspectorio in their operations, Brandart heavily relied on manual processes using Excel and emails for their inspection process, leading to challenges in information management and reporting. Their primary goals and business problems were to:

  • Transition from manual inspection processes to a digital solution, reducing reliance on emails, and improving access to information in real-time.
  • Streamline inspection workflows, enhance data generation and analysis capabilities, and improve the overall efficiency and professionalism of their reporting.
  • Empower their Quality Control (QC) team with mobile tools for easier access to inspection data and greater flexibility in execution.

With Inspectorio, Brandart was able to manage a total of 29K+ purchase orders (POs) throughout the platform’s usage, significantly improving their operational scope and efficiency. This transition provided real-time insights and streamlined data management, crucial for their expansive and dynamic supply chain operations.

“We wanted a service that could bring our inspection flow online, moving away from emails, and bringing it to the new era of digital information.”


In pursuit of these goals, Brandart conducted a thorough search to identify partners capable of optimizing their processes and upholding their commitment to sustainability and innovation. After evaluating multiple systems and tools, Brandart decided to establish a partnership with Inspectorio.

“We needed a reliable solution that allowed inspectors to create and upload reports. We also wanted to move task management online, transitioning away from email. Our goals were to streamline the process of checking reports and confirming when goods are ready to ship. We sought a cost-effective company that could provide these services, and Inspectorio met all our requirements.”

Enhanced Operational Processes

Brandart has successfully transformed its quality control processes by shifting to Inspectorio’s digital platform. This strategic transition has not only streamlined operations but also delivered measurable improvements in efficiency and quality within just one year of implementation. With a total of 14K+ completed inspections, the platform’s efficiency and thoroughness have been paramount to Brandart’s operational success.

Centralized Data and Communication

With all stakeholders now able to communicate via a single, centralized platform, Brandart minimizes potential production delays and fosters proactive crisis management. This centralized system also consolidates all relevant data in one location, empowering individuals in Brandart to independently assess situations without relying on direct contact with colleagues abroad, thereby preventing delays in their work.


Improved Autonomy in Communication

Inspectorio has centralized processes and data within the platform, eliminating a large volume of internal communication requirements which were a barrier to impactful collaboration. This enables Brandart to swiftly address issues, significantly reducing potential delays in production.

Enhanced User Experience and Mobile Integration

The transition to tablet-based inspections has enhanced mobility and efficiency for QC teams, while the mobile accessibility of the platform has proven crucial for both inspectors and office staff, fostering a more flexible and responsive work environment.

Delivering Value Through Optimized Quality Processes

Inspectorio has taken Brandart’s operations to the next level, providing a scalable solution to improve order management and optimize inspection processes while maintaining quality standards and boosting cost-efficiency. This streamlined approach extends to production management, communication, and user experience, cultivating a more agile and collaborative work environment.

Visit inspectorio.com to explore how Inspectorio can enhance your quality control and production programs.

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