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What is PLM Software and How is it Different from Inspectorio

February 3, 2022

You may wonder how Inspectorio is different from Product Lifecycle Management software (PLM). Why do you need Inspectorio and how will it benefit your company? 

Inspectorio is very different from a PLM since it can help you go deep into key functions of production to ensure your products have great quality, were manufactured under your requirements, and arrive on time.

Let’s take a look at how Inspectorio Sight – our quality management solution – helps our customers, and how it’s different from a PLM.

Inspectorio vs. PLM

Inspectorio is a collaborative network platform for brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers to connect their supply chains and achieve operational excellence in quality, compliance, and production tracking.

Inspectorio Sight brings visibility to the quality operations of global supply chains and automates quality programs for increased efficiency and accuracy.

On the other hand, PLM software connects information and processes related to a product lifecycle, from concept to consumer.


PLM software and Inspectorio are fundamentally different, because both products are designed to solve different problems.

What problem are PLM software solving?

PLM software was designed to bring products to market faster. It connects key parts of the product journey – from concept to consumer, provides visibility across a wide range of activities related to bringing new products to market, and enhances and automates some steps in the product lifecycle.

However, PLM software rarely provides a quality module that satisfies the needs of global brands, retailers, and vendors. And this is the reason why Inspectorio came to be – to fill in the need of organizations to adopt modern and data-driven quality programs.

What problem is Inspectorio solving?

Inspectorio is a technology company that was created with the vision of modernizing quality, compliance, and production tracking for global brands, retailers, and suppliers, and building collaborative supply networks.


Particularly in the area of quality management, teams have many questions about how to improve their operations. They don’t know where the problems are, don’t know the root causes for defects, and don’t know where to invest to maximize returns.

Most of Inspectorio’s clients were spending lots of money on inspections – both with their internal inspection teams and with third-party inspection providers. Still, they weren’t seeing significant improvements in product quality and supplier performance.

Because of this, Inspectorio decided to use technology to digitize antiquated methods of quality control, and use machine learning to predict and prevent quality risk. Inspectorio helps retailers go deep into their quality assurance operations to close the loop on quality management.

Data interoperability is important at Inspectorio. For this reason, Inspectorio integrates with PLM software to share real-time data about product quality and supplier performance into your existing system. Learn more about integrations on the Developer’s Portal.

Inspectorio’s product suite: A holistic view on supplier performance

Inspectorio’s product suite goes beyond quality management. Inspectorio Rise helps brands, retailers, and suppliers manage their compliance and sustainability, while Inspectorio Tracking helps them keep better track of production milestones and on-time delivery.

Quality, sustainability, and order tracking are key functions within the production chain; functions that Inspectorio helps you digitalize, optimize, and automate to improve performance and save costs through data insights and supplier collaboration.

While PLM software helps with product lifecycle management across a wide range of areas, Inspectorio’s product suite helps you go deep into supplier performance during production so you can drive meaningful improvements and allocate resources to obtain a higher ROI.

If you’re interested in learning more about Inspectorio’s solutions, contact our team today!

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