Transform Laboratory Testing Management with Inspectorio LabSync

February 9, 2023

The laboratory testing process has been static for far too long. With very little digitization or innovation, brands, retailers, and suppliers are struggling to drive improvements to their testing operations. Many organizations are looking for faster, more accurate, and cost-effective testing solutions that can help them minimize the risk of non-compliance and maintain the highest standards of product quality.

A lack of centralization to track documentation, time-consuming manual processes, communication silos, and limited visibility into the end-to-end process are all major contributors to the inefficiencies of traditional laboratory testing.

Today, Inspectorio announces the launch of Inspectorio LabSync, an innovative laboratory testing management solution designed to digitize and optimize the testing process, making product safety, quality, and compliance easier.

“One of the biggest challenges in managing laboratory testing is data de-centralization. When data is stored in silos, it becomes nearly impossible to analyze expiration dates efficiently, identify non-conformities quickly, trigger corrective action plans, or gain insights into trends in laboratory test results. The lack of visibility into the entire testing process often results in delays, costly recalls and over-testing,” said David Klein, President and Co-Founder of Inspectorio.

Over-testing and a lack of standardization are two common issues in laboratory testing. The lack of fundamental testing and operational management tools makes tracking test validity and expiration dates difficult, resulting in an increased risk of non-compliance and the possibility of over-testing — especially when there is a change in test standards.

Dealing with different test request forms and test report formats from multiple laboratories can be extremely time-consuming. The need to readjust different templates to review reports is a major hindrance to the speed and accuracy of the overall testing process.

Inspectorio LabSync: streamlining laboratory testing management

Inspectorio LabSync is a cloud-based solution designed to solve the current challenges with laboratory testing management. It helps brands, retailers, and suppliers centralize and standardize testing data from third-party laboratories and factory in-house laboratories, giving them full visibility into every step of the testing process. Inspectorio LabSync’s in-app scheduling and tracking make monitoring test timeliness and delivery easier, while real-time notifications keep users informed of progress. Data-driven insights are available to brands, retailers, and suppliers to help them make more strategic production decisions.

A centralized and standardized approach to testing

Inspectorio LabSync brings all testing information into one centralized platform, giving brands, retailers, and suppliers a single source of truth for their laboratory testing needs. It centralizes data collection and management to ensure all stakeholders have access to the same data.

The holistic supply chain data management and centralization capabilities of Inspectorio LabSync enable brands, retailers, and suppliers to collect raw test data and reports and store them in a single location — eliminating scattered information, manual data entry, and communication silos.

Managing test standards, protocols, and changes across laboratories can be inefficient. Depending on the laboratory, the same test can have different data fields, formats, and templates. Inspectorio LabSync standardizes test request forms and report formats across all laboratories, ensuring a consistent and organized process from start to finish.

With standardization, companies can easily compare test results and make informed decisions promptly. Standardization also streamlines communication and reduces manual administrative tasks, allowing companies to focus on more value-added activities.

Mitigate the risk of non-compliance

When brands or retailers initiate test requests, there’s no way to track the progress of those tests, putting an extra burden on the brands or retailers to ensure compliance. Inspectorio LabSync helps brands and retailers abide by the latest regulatory requirements and standards by providing a comprehensive view of the test cycle, expiration dates, and test results. Data from third-party laboratories and internal systems can be integrated into Inspectorio LabSync to provide a complete view of testing status across the supply chain.

With full visibility into the testing process, brands and retailers can spot potential issues early on and take corrective actions — preventing potential cost recalls or re-testing. By catching the issues upfront, companies can minimize the risk of non-compliance, maintain a good reputation, enhance brand value and awareness, and build customer trust.

Insightful and actionable analytics

Inspectorio LabSync provides detailed supply chain performance analytics and trend analyses, giving brands, retailers, and suppliers insight into their laboratory testing data and enabling them to take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

In the near future, Inspectorio LabSync will be incorporating data from across our Inspectorio product suite (quality, compliance, tracking) to derive a comprehensive data-driven risk evaluation for products. This will lead to the ability to identify non-compliance risks early in the process and automate the level of testing oversight that will be needed. In addition, our product risk algorithms will also be able to recommend which laboratory tests are needed, as well as which ones can be waived, thus leading to a reduction of over-testing and the high costs associated with it.

Enhanced product quality

Inspectorio LabSync helps reduce product quality risk by improving traceability and accuracy during testing. With access to a central repository for all test results and data, brands, retailers, and suppliers can identify potential issues at different stages of production. With access to laboratory testing data from the prototype stage until the finished product, it becomes easier to identify quality, compliance, or performance issues early on to more efficiently implement corrective and preventive plans.

“By testing products early on, suppliers, brands and retailers can proactively prevent quality defects further upstream, and therefore preserve product quality and integrity while improving customer satisfaction,” said Klein.

Inspectorio LabSync connects stakeholders across the supply chain to increase the speed of communication and collaboration. Thanks to Inspectorio’s network dynamics, there is increased accountability for performance and a quicker way to resolve quality and compliance problems before they escalate.

Cost savings and improved efficiency

Inspectorio LabSync helps save costs and build data-driven collaboration between brands, retailers, and suppliers. By streamlining the coordination and communication of testing information between all stakeholders, Inspectorio LabSync reduces the number of manual tasks, phone calls, and emails required to manage testing data. It provides a central platform to eliminate duplicate tests and reduce redundancy and manual data entry — saving time, money, and resources.

Over-testing affects the bottom line, resulting in wasted time and money. Inspectorio LabSync’s risk algorithms recommend when a test is needed, enabling brands, retailers, and suppliers to maximize their resources while maintaining and improving product compliance.

Inspectorio LabSync is a powerful and easy way to streamline laboratory testing operations and accelerate supply chain production. It breaks down the barriers of time and distance that have traditionally hampered testing operations, enabling brands, retailers, and vendors to become more efficient and agile in response to changing market conditions.

With Inspectorio LabSync, brands, retailers, and suppliers can confidently navigate the supply chain through an informed and cost-effective testing process.

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