A Word from Our CEO: The Next Evolution of Supply Chain Management Is Here

February 28, 2024

When we launched Inspectorio eight years ago, it was with a very clear mission in mind: to make the production of goods more efficient, transparent and beneficial to people and planet.

At that time, we started by connecting companies to their suppliers, and helping them overcome the highly manual and error-prone processes around quality inspections through digitization.

But we always knew quality inspections were just the beginning. In fact, the supply chain space as a whole, was on the cusp of mass digitization, brands and retailers just didn’t know it yet. Our vision has been to lead that transformation, where global supply chains would become interconnected, empowered, and sustainable production networks.

I am proud of the ongoing progress we have made in that journey, highlighted by our recent launch of the Inspectorio Platform.

As leaders in supply chain management, we are connecting supply chain operations seamlessly across teams, departments, and even organizations. With operations digitized and connected in this way, we are using innovative AI technology to provide powerful risk and performance optimization insights our customers can use to achieve unprecedented visibility and control over their supply chain.

The Inspectorio Platform unites our extensive solutions, features and functionalities for the supply chain into one singular, centralized platform. Until recently, our products were disconnected, each addressing specific operations and processes within the supply chain. These included:

  • Inspectorio Sight for quality management
  • Inspectorio Rise for sustainability
  • Inspectorio Traceability for traceability requirements including chain of custody documentation
  • Inspectorio Tracking for production milestone and risk tracking
  • Inspectorio LabSync for managing lab tests
  • Inspectorio DocuFlow to manage digital documents for the supply chain

Today, within our new platform, we have connected these products into core solutions our clients can use to efficiently and effectively manage their supply chain operations, and connect data from those digitized processes to unlock AI analysis at a scale not previously possible. Our platform solutions include:

Our platform approach to supply chain management gives them one source of truth for their production chain performance data – the portion of their supply chain that deals with the actual production of goods. It eliminates silos within their organization, giving teams access to the full scope of data needed to conduct meaningful tasks within the supply chain.

It also unlocks the full capabilities of AI across the scope of the supply chain.

Artificial Intelligence is the next evolution in supply chain management innovation

Artificial intelligence becomes more powerful as more data is made available. It can make instant connections between data that, manually, is simply not possible at the scale of most large global enterprises.

Connecting the production chain through the Inspectorio Platform allows our AI to analyze every process, every supplier, and every product, for risks and opportunities to optimize performance. As this technology continues to grow in power and scope, the impact on the supply chain will be revolutionary.

We have come far since our first mobile app to digitize inspections, but as leaders in supply chain management, it remains our mandate to continuously drive innovation that enables a more sustainable, transparent, and productive supply chain. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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