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Reducing Cost of Quality with a Digital Quality Management System

June 23, 2021

Today’s brands and retailers rely on a global supply chain to produce and deliver products. With so much production happening overseas in remote facilities, ensuring product quality has proved challenging without the right tools.

A quality defect that makes it all the way to stores or to your customers represents an extremely high quality-related cost. It harms your brand’s hard-earned customer trust. It requires investigation and rounds of audits/CAPA to address the problem. And it means you’re having to put out fires instead of preventing them.

Companies have traditionally leaned on quality control services that are expensive and inefficient.

Anywhere from 5-20% of a company’s revenue is the cost of manual pen and paper quality programs — and yet these still don’t provide sufficient data and visibility over product quality.

Inspectorio has changed the conversation by offering visibility and efficiency in a scalable, intuitive platform that fits the needs of global supply chain organizations.

Here, we look at the ROI of Inspectorio’s quality management software, Inspectorio Sight, as well as testimonials from clients including Target and Vera Bradley.

Where Inspectorio delivers a higher ROI

  • Higher ROI in day-to-day operations
  • Higher ROI on performance management
  • Higher ROI on CAPA and strategic interventions
  • Higher ROI in risk management

We have seen firsthand how Inspectorio Sight has benefited brands and retailers around the world, with our clients enjoying real ROI across their quality operations.

Below we present the primary areas of ROI across companies’ quality operations after adopting our quality management platform. These figures are available from our clients after 6 months using Inspectorio Sight.

Higher ROI in day-to-day operations

Inspectorio Sight gives you significant gains in efficiency and resource conservation. Previously manual tasks like reporting and issuing Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) plans become fully automated, as do scheduling and workforce planning.

Higher ROI on performance management

Improve your suppliers’ and inspectors’ performance by collecting performance metrics that help you make better decisions for continuous improvement. Calibrate inspector performance and reduce supply chain inertia by monitoring production facility performance in real-time.

The following are examples of performance ROI using Inspectorio Sight. Each percentage represents the average change for hundreds of thousands of inspections among thousands of organizations over an average 6-month period.


Higher ROI on CAPA and strategic interventions

Make an impact with your CAPA plans, and ensure all corrective and preventive actions are implemented. By distilling all accrued data into digestible insights, it allows you to zoom in on areas of improvement and save major resources in the process.

ROI of Inspectorio Sight Of Perfamance CAPA Reducing cost of quality with a digital quality management system

80% time savings in follow-up for CAPA plans: Inspectorio Sight automatically generates a CAPA report summarizing areas of non-conformance. Vendors and factories then receive regular requests for information on each issue identified. This task used to require intensive and tedious work by managers; additionally, on-platform, real-time communication allows for better collaboration with remote facilities.

85% time savings on quarterly strategic interventions: instead of conducting lengthy investigations on specific supply chain logistics each quarter, you can now access all the information you need on the platform — in minutes.

90% time savings on ad-hoc investigations: when an investigation is necessary, Inspectorio Sight allows you to get to the bottom of things in less time and with more robust data. All information is available on one platform with historical data, filters, and search capabilities.

Higher ROI in risk management

Chargebacks, a PR crisis, poor supply chain performance — these are some of the perils your organization must work to avoid. Reduce risk by up to 50% with real-time data and monitoring to prevent issues rather than react to them.

By eliminating manual processes, pen-and-paper inspections, email chains, and Excel/PDF files from your quality operations, you reduce sources of risk and human error from the equation. Replace them with a more streamlined, manageable system, where all supply chain partners and third-party organizations can access information relevant to them.

Reduce the probability of unreported issues in your supply chain with security features like digital time stamps, inspection histories, user authentication requirements, and others.

Inspectorio Sight Reduce vulnerabilities Reducing cost of quality with a digital quality management system

The benefits our clients have seen


As one of the world’s largest retailers, Target has seen significant improvements in visibility and in the integrity of their data:

“For me as a leader, I also have more visibility on our team [and] vendor performance at any time, anywhere. This is the thing that we love: accurate information.”

Jeff Nguyen, Senior Manager of PSQA, Target

Vera Bradley

For fashion brand Vera Bradley, Inspectorio Sight’s self-inspections capabilities have dramatically improved defect prevention:

“The increased level of analytics and predictability has allowed us to decrease the level of repeat occurrences for the same defect.”

Rory Geiger, Director of Global Quality and Compliance, Vera Bradley

Yunus Textile Mills

Yunus Textiles succeeded at reducing cost of quality with Inspectorio Sight during COVID-19:

“[Sight] has really enabled us to compare what actions have been taken by the factories who are producing low numbers of defects, and what the major reasons are behind the factories who are not high performers…[This] definitely has a positive impact on my cost of quality.”

Representative, Quality Management Systems, Yunus Textile Mills


Inspectorio Sight has helped hosiery manufacturer Interloop move to more proactive and predictive methods of risk identification:

“Through Inspectorio Sight, a data pool was created which helped the process owners forecast potential issues. By using this platform, various teams are now digitally connected in our supply chain and have…enhanced real-time access to data across various reporting tools.”

Representative, Interloop

Delta Galil Industries

Apparel manufacturer Delta Galil uses Inspectorio Sight’s data analytics to collaborate with factories and improve quality:

“We are able to show real-time data to our factories and bring them together to eliminate potential risks and improve our overall quality.”

– Hitesh Maheshwari, VP Quality Assurance, Delta Galil Industries

Unleash the power of Inspectorio Sight

Inspectorio Sight provides visibility over your entire supply chain. With a collaborative quality management platform, you can:

  • Optimize your company’s efficiency.
  • Free up resources across different quality operations.
  • Use objective data to evaluate performance and make better decisions.
  • Unleash the power of automation over manual processes.
  • Empower your vendors and factories to perform verifiable self-inspections.
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