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Expanding Inspectorio to Improve Supply Chain Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance

March 6, 2023

Written by Antonio Leon de la Barra, Head of GTM – Strategic Products

For a long time, companies have been struggling with the complexities of data collection and management, stakeholder communication and collaboration, and compliance with ever-evolving regulatory requirements across their global supply chains.

To address these issues, we are redesigning Inspectorio Rise, our all-in-one supply chain sustainability platform, with enhanced capabilities to bridge the gap between manufacturers, suppliers, brands, and retailers.

Our years of collaboration with leading brands and retailers, combined with decades of experience in the sourcing industry and a passion for making supply chains more efficient and sustainable, have enabled us to enhance Inspectorio Rise to provide a holistic solution for businesses to monitor, manage and improve global supplier networks.

This means you can centralize your sustainability and compliance initiatives bringing efficiencies to your current processes and eliminating the need to rely on email and spreadsheets.

With Inspectorio Rise, you can:

  • Bring end-to-end visibility to your supply chain
  • Automate data collection and management
  • Reach your environmental targets more quickly
  • Improve business agility with visibility and analytics
  • Easily meet your compliance requirements and improve your sustainability performance
  • Save costs by minimizing the risk of product non-compliance and eliminating over-auditing
  • Improve efficiency with real-time stakeholder collaboration and digitized workflows

At Inspectorio, we are committed to improving the technology landscape of brands, retailers, and suppliers in the sourcing industry to drive more efficient, collaborative, and sustainable supply chains.

Build a sustainable and data-driven supply chain

Inspectorio Rise helps brands, retailers, and suppliers promote more efficient, integrated, and data-driven supply chain operations. By centralizing all audits and sustainability goals across the supply chain, you can gain unprecedented visibility and analytics, while meeting compliance requirements and improving sustainability performance.

Centralized data for collaborative decision-making

Data silos and manual processes can lead to increased costs, inaccurate decisions, and slow response times. With data integrity and governance at its core, Inspectorio Rise offers a centralized platform that helps you make informed real-time decisions based on data from all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Inspectorio Rise collects, organizes, and stores key audit data and supplier assessments from multiple sources, such as factory visits and technical reports. It enables real-time collaboration between users, enabling you to track and analyze audit data with suppliers, third-party partners such as Higg, and other key stakeholders. With expiration reminders, you can ensure that audit data is up-to-date and always compliant.

Supply chain mapping and risk assessment for a 360-degree view

Knowing who is in your supply chain is essential to driving improvements. Inspectorio Rise helps efficiently map out your supply chain and provides risk reports for entities in banned regions, as well as tools to uncover your suppliers’ social, environmental, and technical performance.

With a dynamic supply chain map, comprehensive risk reports, and regulatory and sustainability monitoring on Inspectorio Rise, you can ensure that your supply chain is compliant and up to date. You can take proactive steps to protect against supplier risk and ensure you provide safe, ethical products to your customers.

With Inspectorio Rise, you can be confident knowing that you are doing everything you can to comply with due diligence standards and make the world a better place.

Third-party report integration and equivalency mapping

Map all your third-party sustainability data (Higg, BHive, etc.) with one click to your own internal code of conduct. Our equivalency mapping feature ensures that all your third-party data is integrated into a single platform, reducing the time and effort associated with manual integration. You can easily upload all the approved reports (Excel/PDF) into Inspectorio Rise and generate meaningful insights to make data-driven decisions quickly.

Addressing social and environmental factors

Collect, monitor, and analyze the carbon footprint of your supply chain. Inspectorio Rise helps you identify and monitor suppliers and factories that contribute the most to your carbon footprint and factors such as energy and water consumption, toxic emissions, and waste produced.

Use expert-built questionnaires to assess the ESG and sustainability goals of suppliers, factories, and other stakeholders. Benchmark your sustainability performance using industry-standard frameworks, perform environmental and social audits and prepare for upcoming regulations. You can also work with our sustainability analysts to set Science Based Targets (SBT), monitor progress, and communicate results with stakeholders.

Empowering vendors to drive sustainability efforts

Inspectorio Rise provides a vendor sustainability management platform enabling vendors to own their sustainability goals and progress. Vendors can share data in a standardized format and receive on-the-ground support from our sustainability experts. Brands and retailers can share out-of-the-box environmental and social questionnaires to assess your vendors’ sustainability performance and provide training to drive continuous improvement.

Eliminating the burden of manual audits 

Inspectorio Rise automates end-to-end audit processes, from scheduling to report generation. Streamline, standardize, and automate audit-related processes such as compliance tracking, certification management, risk assessment, and supplier onboarding. The data-driven insights and compliance reports help you identify weak points and make informed decisions quickly. It helps reduce the burden of manually tracking audit data and ensures that your supply chain is compliant with the highest standards.

While each company’s requirements and processes differ, Inspectorio Rise can be configured to fit your needs. With customizable audit templates, dynamic questionnaires, real-time reporting, and automated alerts, you can rest assured that your supply chain is sustainable and compliant.

To find out more about Inspectorio Rise, click here.

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